MeiZen Cosmetic Acupuncture

Mei-Zen Cosmetic AcupunctureCosmetic acupuncture can help reducing wrinkles, firm up skin & jaw line, improves the skin’s condition, and helps with looking younger…

Cosmetic acupuncture helps to increase the collagen & elastin in our skin.  This makes it plumper and fuller.  Acupuncture & Herbal Medicine are what makes Traditional Chinese Medicine so great at improving your internal health and energy.  Cosmetic Acupuncture is an exciting alternative to plastic surgery and potentially unhealthy “non-invasive” techniques.  It’s very safe.

Our Collagen and Elastin in our skin begins to decline when we hit our 30’s. One way to rejuvenate and reinvigorate our skin is without surgery & with Mei Zen Cosmetic Acupuncture added to your self care regime.  Usually have two treatments a week for a few weeks is enough to notice a change in the skin.   It is a bunch of needles on the face and the body to perpetuate the health of the skin, digestion, & respiratory systems; which are the major players in skin health.

Herbal Medicine is very good for balancing our deficiencies as we age.  I formulated a line of Goddess Drops, which is an internally taken tincture to help support Women’s Health as we age.  It benefits skin, digestion, respiratory, elimination, & outlook on life.   Is for sale in my online shop Mei-jen’s Medicinals on Etsy.  Thank you