Mei Jen, I want to thank you so much for your help. When I came to see you, I was frankly out of hope. My doctor kept telling me to take Aleve and rest. Well that didn’t work. I was in so much pain (my left shoulder) that I could not do much, especially use my computer and sleep at night.

But after 3-4 treatments with you, I was like a brand new person. I want to thank you so much for your help.”

— Bob

My back doesn’t hurt!  I’m hopeful and relieved and thankful for you!  I just feel so much better and I wanted you to know!  Mentally, physically, emotionally and all around.  You have a seriously strong and beautiful gift and I’m so grateful to the cosmos for putting us together.  I’m thanking my lucky stars for you!

Zoe Sear, RN

I twisted my back and pinched the sciatic nerve that stretches from my lower back to the top of my foot. The pain was excruciating! Went to a chiropractor and that seemed to fire up the pain even worse. I hadn’t slept for about three weeks when I reached out to  Mei-jen after a Google search of local acupuncturists. She responded right away, (unlike the others in town). I was barely able to walk but got myself to her office. The muscles in my leg were all locked up in pain. There was intense release after the first session.  Mei-jen treated my internal issues after diagnosing them with her tinctures and herbal concoctions made into tea. She is amazing. At the next visit I felt the muscles responding to the needles and the relief I was praying for finally came. I am able to sleep now. The exercises she gave me are working wonders for me. I am back to work now full time.

-Joe S.

I’ve been going to Mei-Jen now for a couple of months. I went there hoping that she would help me with my back pain and migraines (and honestly I was pretty skeptical about Acupuncture in general), she has done soooo much more. As she works she gives solid advice for nutrition, and all around wellness in general. When you leave with the pain relieved it is possible to work on making positive changes for good health in general. Thanks Mei-Jen, I feel I’m on a great path forward!”

— Karen N.

Mei-Jen is a fabulous healer. I have treated with over a dozen different acupuncturists over the last 35 years and Mei-Jen is one of the best acupuncturist/healers that I have met….

A wonderful aspect of Mei-Jens’s practice is that she treats you in an overall way, tonifying, balancing and supporting your body’s systems in order for you to get the most benefit from the treatment addressing your specific complaint. Mei-Jen also has knowledge and experience with herbal formulas. The herbs that she recommended for me furthered her work and helped restore my energy and heal my body.

Mei-Jen has my highest praise and recommendation!”

— Mike F.

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I have been amazed by the healing power of Acupuncture. I have a rare autoimmune disease that is extremely painful (Unbearable at times). I have been bed ridden for weeks at a time due to pain. Had almost given up hope, for any type of happiness or mobility…

I did research whom I thought had the best education on this practice and found Mei-Jen. I will never be pain free, but I am happy and much more mobile than I have been in a year, she has taught me above and beyond the needles how to help myself fight my pain.”

— Karen K.

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